On Emptiness

October 2019
Contemporary Hum

Judy Millar Interview – The View From Nowhere

September 2018
Considering Art

The ‘flipside’ of feminism and fantasy

August 2018
Sunday Guardian Live


August 2018
Let's Make Lot's Of Monet

Five Questions for Thomas Bang

April 2018

Three to see: London, Featuring Thomas Bang

April 2018
The Art Newspaper

Interview with Olivia Bax by Ann Kim

April 2018
THE PLURALIST, Royal College Art Students' Union

After White: Michaela Zimmer and Peter Welz

February 2018
Studio International

Interview with Michaela Zimmer by Federica Torgano

February 2018
Made In Mind Magazine

Artissima 2017: tips for visiting

November 2017
Juliet Magazine

Mali Morris

October 2017
Wall Street International

Schematic surprise: Ian Monroe | S.I.M.

September 2017

Nathaniel Rackowe & Angela Woodhouse, (Un)touched

July 2017
Writing About Dance

SPOTLIGHT - The art of construction

May 2017
The Marylebone & Fitzrovia Magazine

The Best of Art Brussels

April 2017

Olivia Bax

January 2017
Traction Magazine


November 2016

Another Something - Kes Richardson - Fair Game

October 2016
Another Something

Where to buy… Kaleidoscope at FOLD

August 2016
The Week | Issue 1087

Kaleidoscope: A Review By Laurence Noga

August 2016
Saturation Point

Approaches to Colour: KALEIDOSCOPE at Fold Gallery

August 2016

Finbar Ward

June 2016
Frieze Magazine | No 180 June-July-August Issue

Either Those Curtains: A Review by Philomena Epps

June 2016
This Is Tomorrow Contemporary Art Magazine

Young artist to watch ... Tim Ellis

June 2016
FAD Magazine

Dominic Beattie

May 2016
Ambit Magazine | Issue 224

Interview with Finbar Ward

May 2016
FAD Magazine

Where to buy…. Finbar Ward at FOLD

April 2016
The Week | Issue 1068

Ellen Hyllemose | Landscape Reconfigured

March 2016
Art Review | Vol 68, No 2

Ellen Hyllemose

March 2016
Blouin Modern Painters

Don't Miss: CMYK | Michaela Zimmer

March 2016
State Magazine | Issue 20

Flatland at FOLD Gallery: A review by Laurence Noga

February 2016
Saturation Point

CMYK by Michaela Zimmer for FOLD Gallery

February 2016
Candid Magazine

CMYK - Michaela Zimmer at FOLD Gallery

February 2016
Blackqube Magazine

Simon Callery - Flat Paintings

November 2015
CCQ Magazine

Simon Callery

November 2015

Simon Callery: Flat Paintings @ FOLD

November 2015
Paul Carey-Kent

Interview with Simon Callery by Laurence Noga

November 2015
Saturation Point

Simon Callery 'FLAT PAINTINGS' at FOLD Gallery

October 2015
Blackqube Magazine

Simon Callery 'Flat Paintings' exhibition at FOLD Gallery

October 2015
Another Something & Co.

Dominic Beattie: STUDIO @ FOLD

September 2015
Paul Carey-Kent

Where to buy…. Dominic Beattie at FOLD

September 2015
The Week | Issue 1039

London Diary: STUDIO Dominic Beattie

September 2015
Apollo Magazine

Get Physical | Interview with Simon Callery by Dominic Beattie

August 2015
The Saatchi Gallery Magazine Art&Music

perFORMa Live Stream

July 2015

Interview with Kim Savage at FOLD

March 2015
Art Map London

Where to buy... Tim Ellis at FOLD Gallery

November 2014
The Week | Issue 995


September 2014
ArtReview | Vol 66, No 6

London Round-up 3

September 2014
Art Monthly | No 379

Dominic Beattie

July 2014
Abstract Critical

Valérie Kolakis & Finbar Ward at FOLD Gallery

June 2014
Garageland Magazine

Three Exhibitions of Abstract Art

January 2014
Abstract Critical

Stopped Clocks In Places Of Busyness: Vanishing

October 2013
Chronique Curiosité | 2013 semaine 44

Speak, Clown!: FOLD Gallery

May 2013
a-n: Interface

Tim Davies: In and Amongst @ FOLD Gallery

December 2012
Paul Carey-Kent

Original Carbon Copy | John Lawrence

October 2012
Frieze Magazine | No. 150 October Issue

The Alchemy of Iconography

September 2012

The Unethical Anthropologist: FOLD Gallery

September 2012
The Angle News

Prune: The Largest Vegetables on Show

October 2011
The Observer: The New Review

Please Drive Slowly Through Our Village

October 2011
Art Review | Issue 53

Floating and Waterlogged Objects

March 2011
Time Out | No. 2116

Callery goes 3-D

October 2010
Financial Times