The Week | Issue 1087

The Week reviews an exhibition in a private gallery

This group exhibition at Fitzrovia’s Fold Gallery promises to bring a “short, sharp shock of colour to the holiday season” – a statement of intent that actually rather undersells this impressive little show. Indeed, the hues of the works here are so explosively bright that they could work as a cure for vitamin D deficiency. The exhibition has been curated by painter Dominic Beattie, who has modestly omitted his own, fascinating work in favour of offerings from seven other artists, including several dazzling screen prints by op-art pioneer Bridget Riley. The latter’s work seems to be something of a touchstone for the other figures involved, but as a point of reference, you could hardly ask for better. Highlights include the ravishing pastels of Selma Parlour’s deceptively minimal One For Each Eye series; Julian Wild’s humorous, Anthony Caro-style abstract sculptures; and, best of all the hyperactive neo-cubism of Dominic Kennedy’s Slowly Fading Forms. Prices range from £3,000 to £17,000.

158 New Cavendish Street, London W1 (020-7436 8050). Until 27 August.