Rebecca Jagoe

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Rebecca Jagoe, b.1988. Lives and works in London. Graduated from MA in sculpture, Royal College of Art, London UK in 2017. Exhibitions include: ‘Death and life are squeezed onto each other and time spills’, Yaby, Madrid (2018), ‘Hypersea’, Art Monte Carlo, Monaco (2018) and Hypokeimon, en Dessous de Sang, GNF Gallery, Brussels (2017). Performances include: Odratheque Festival, London (2018), ‘In some far off place Many light years in space I’ll wait for you’ at Cubitt Gallery, London (2018), ‘The Doubting Colloquy with Sally O’Reilly’ at Whitechapel Gallery (2017), and ‘I Want My Ideal Paste’ at Kelder Projects (2017). Residencies include: LCN Participation Network, Space Studios, London (2017), and Bökship Writer in Residence, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire (2013).


<b>Title: </b>Lick My Legs (The Talking Cure)<br /><b>Year: </b>2018<br /><b>Medium: </b>Marbled Latex and Net Tulle<br /><b>Size: </b>140 x 70 cm
<b>Title: </b>Lick My Legs (The Talking Cure), (detail)<br /><b>Year: </b>2018<br /><b>Medium: </b>Marbled Latex and Net Tulle<br /><b>Size: </b>140 x 70 cm
<b>Title: </b>Teratoma: Mesoderm <br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Latex, freshwater pearls<br /><b>Size: </b>50 x 140 cm
<b>Title: </b>The Way I Feel it Slipping All Over Me <br /><b>Year: </b>2018<br /><b>Medium: </b>Text-based performance wearing Scrofula <br />
<b>Title: </b>Scrofula<br /><b>Year: </b>2018<br /><b>Medium: </b>Marbled latex, silk chiffon, red cotton thread<br /><b>Size: </b>150 x 300 cm
<b>Title: </b>Ribolitta II <br /><b>Year: </b>2018<br /><b>Medium: </b>Text-based performance with salt dough jewellery and vinyl clothing<br /><b>Size: </b>Performed at Musarc Choir Odratheque Festival, Lambeth, London. Image credit Yiannis Katsaris
<b>Title: </b>Prolapse<br /><b>Year: </b>2018<br /><b>Medium: </b>Marbled latex, polyester fringing<br /><b>Size: </b>240 x 40 cm