October 2013
.Cent Magazine

by Carrie Lau, Deputy Editor of .Cent Magazine

Allow us to brazenly express that at .Cent, we all love our work, our colleagues, our creative energy and of course, our office in the Tower Bridge area; but for others especially those not working in the creative industry, offices are merely places bounded by four walls filled with bits and pieces of stationary and furniture.

Artists of the exhibition aptly entitled Stopped Clocks in Places of Busyness interpret their thoughts on the subject through their creative artistry. Tom Woolner’s work entitled “Self Portrait as a Plank of Wood” illustrates the artist as a plank of wood with a nail stuck on the top, recalling certain moment of our lives spent at the work place – clueless, idealess, fruitless. Kate Owens’ work “Mean (6th trestle)” displays a wretched 2-legged hired function table – perhaps suggesting the eventual fate of this piece of furniture, which has aided one in achieving so much work; while Caline Aoun’s “Blue Paperplane” (2012) shows a unique inkjet print on folded paper evoking those early days of one’s career – unattached, carefree, and not a worry in the world at all.

Other artists involved in this exhibition include Joey Bryniarska, Patrick Coyle, Joe Frazer, Maija Luutonen and Sarah Poots.

Overall, this is an exhibition that nudges us to treasure our jobs at .Cent even more – for what we do together as a team and ultimately, our achievement.

The Stopped Clocks in Places of Busyness exhibition is now open till Saturday 9th November 2013 at FOLD Gallery at 15 Clerkenwell Close in London.

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