Olivia Bax

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Olivia Bax, b. 1988, Singapore, lives and works in London. Graduated from MFA Sculpture from Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (2016) and BA (Hons) Byam Shaw School of Art (2010). Exhibitions include: ‘Pool at The Cut’, The Cut, Halesworth (2016), ‘UK/RAINE’, Saatchi Gallery, London (2015), ‘Signs of the City’, The Drawing Room in association with UBM, London (2013) and ‘Unfurled’, The Foundry Gallery, London (2012). Awards include: Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor Prize (2016) and Public Choice Winner, UK/Raine, Saatchi Gallery (2015). Residencies include: Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (forthcoming); British Council INSPIRE exchange, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2015), President’s Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, USA (2013) and Triangle Workshop, Triangle Arts Association, New York, USA (2012).

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<b>Title: </b>Bish Bash Bosh<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Paper, glue, paint, plaster, polystyrene, steel, hose, hessian, gloss, armature wire and silicone<br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable
<b>Title: </b>Palisade<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Wood, polystyrene, paper, PVA, plaster, hessian, silicone and armature wire <br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable
<b>Title: </b>Zest<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Plaster, hessian, polystyrene, wood, steel, paper, paint, PVA, silicone and armature wire<br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable
<b>Title: </b>Drive<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Plaster, hessian, hose, clay, paint, varnish and hook<br /><b>Size: </b>69cm x 54cm x 12cm
<b>Title: </b>Sticks Around<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Plaster, hessian, wood and armature wire<br /><b>Size: </b>238cm x 27cm x 15cm
<b>Title: </b>Hold On (Bus)<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Monoprint on paper<br /><b>Size: </b>56 x 76 cm
<b>Title: </b>Slot and Groove<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Paper, glue, paint, plaster and polystyrene<br /><b>Size: </b>129 x 60 x 85 cm
<b>Title: </b>Pause<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Plaster, hessian, mar x, wood, armature wire and hooks<br /><b>Size: </b>50cm x 125cm x 20cm
<b>Title: </b>Droop<br /><b>Year: </b>2016<br /><b>Medium: </b>Plaster, hessian, mar x, welding hose and hook<br /><b>Size: </b>216cm x 43cm x 42cm