Ninna Bohn Pedersen

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Ninna Bohn Pedersen, b, 1977, Horsens, Denmark. Lives and works in Copenhagen. Graduated from Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London in 2012. Exhibitions include: ‘Behind The Mirrior’ (solo) Curated by Available Light, Shakespeare and Co, Paris, France (2017). ‘Recontre avec Ninna Bohn Pedersen’ (solo) Gallerie Provisoire, Villa Arzon, Nice, France (2015). ‘Subtitling The Everyday’ (group) Gallery North, Copenhagen, Denmark (2016). ‘Does Not Equal’ (group) W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015).

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<b>Title: </b>Vertical Collapse<br /><b>Year: </b>2017<br /><b>Medium: </b>Two channel HD video loops, table top, MDF disk, MDF board, string and broken plinth<br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable
<b>Title: </b>Inner Workings<br /><b>Year: </b>2017<br /><b>Medium: </b>Two channel HD video loop, sound, string and shelf railings<br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable
<b>Title: </b>Seepage<br /><b>Year: </b>2015<br /><b>Medium: </b>HD video, sound<br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable
<b>Title: </b>Milk<br /><b>Year: </b>2014<br /><b>Medium: </b>Three channel HD video, sound, silk string, found objects<br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable
<b>Title: </b>Hold Me Tight And Let Me Go<br /><b>Year: </b>2013<br /><b>Medium: </b>Two channel video and box monitors<br /><b>Size: </b>Dimensions variable